Causing A Stir

Causing A Stir

Diversify The Hospitality Industry Through Educational And Career-Driven Programs

Causing A Stir (CAS) aims to increase inclusion, education, leadership and mentorship within the hospitality industry for women, people of color and LGBT. CAS provides interactive workshops, scholarship programs, a platform to connect and network, and news of employment opportunities for underserved and underrepresented communities in the hospitality industry. CAS highlights the career achievements of hospitality professionals in Chicago and other communities. We work strategically with other organizations to create a valuable community for all hospitality professionals. Born from a luncheon of 10 female bartenders and hospitality professionals of color who gathered to discuss the frustrations of the bar community, CAS was founded because the group agreed there was a need within the Chicago bar community for increased racial inclusion, educational opportunities for minorities, and mentorship for people of color.


Chicago, Illinois


United States




(312) 307-6553

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