Personal Development Programs Empowering Youth To Overcome Adversity

ForeverU is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that empowers youth to overcome adversity by offering personal development camps, retreats, and after-school programs that equip them to face life's greatest challenges and obstacles. Our programming helps students in grades 7-12 to grow their emotional intelligence, accelerate their character development, and ignite an internal desire for personal achievement. Whether a student is battling depression or self-worth, experiencing bullying at school, navigating a difficult home life, struggling with suicidal thoughts, or something in between, we give them the life skills to live with courage, confidence, and compassion. As a high school sophomore, Ryan Hesslau founded the organization after researching the stories of students his age who had died by suicide because of life circumstances that went unseen. Their stories became his motivation for developing a creative solution to ensure that youth who were struggling had the resilience to keep living.


Mokena, Illinois






(877) 456-0692

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