Grief Support Network

Grief Support Network

Transforming Grief And Loss Through Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness, And Community

The Grief Support Network (GSN) is dedicated to transforming the way individuals and our culture experience loss. Our vision is a culture that does not run from grief but embraces it as an opportunity for growth and connection. Our goal is to guide individuals -- dealing with any kind of loss and at any phase of the grieving process -- down the path of mindful grieving, providing the tools and support necessary to move with their grief. Through yoga therapy programs, meditation practices, an extensive provider network, and educational resources, we create space and a community that invites transformation. Founded by Wendy Black Stern after the loss of her nine-month-old son, Noah, GSN is inspired by the wisdom of the East and uses a body-centered approach to provide a new perspective on healing grief and loss.


Boulder, Colorado






(720) 295-4760

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