Holistic Birth Collective

Holistic Birth Collective

Advocating For Healthcare Equity Related To Reproduction, Pregnancy, Childbirth, And First-Year Postpartum

Holistic Birth Collective’s mission is to confront health inequity related to reproduction, pregnancy, childbirth, and the first-year postpartum. HBC works in the reproductive and "maternal-child health" spaces to educate, agitate, and organize in order to shift the power to maintain health towards communities rather than state-run institutions. We advocate for access to community-based continuity of care models among unjustly served communities, increase in the racial diversity of certified professional midwives in Illinois, and structural change that decreases obstetric and reproductive racism. Using legislative advocacy, we collaborate with partners in the clinical and public health sectors to build the infrastructures necessary to make safe, trauma-informed, dignifying maternity and reproductive healthcare the norm so that our healthcare system equitably maintains the safety, dignity, and joy of all pregnant and birthing persons and their families.


Chicago, Illinois







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