Love Not Lost

Love Not Lost

Providing Tools, Resources, And Community To Help People Heal In Grief

The mission of Love Not Lost is to revolutionize the way we heal in grief. Through our online and in-person Love Well community, we give people tools and resources to help them process their emotions and have true connection with themselves and each other. We show up for people facing a terminal diagnosis to celebrate life, preserve memories, and support loved ones in grief. For instance, we provide free photography sessions for people facing terminal illness to capture beautiful memories for those they love. We hold book clubs and other fun activities to engage those on their grief journey in meaningful interactions. We also teach leaders how to create cultures of caring through our Corporate Care Program. We are building a culture where we grieve and heal together. When we meet pain with love, the cycles of pain transform into cycles of healing and create the possibility for a world where healed people heal people.


Atlanta, Georgia


United States




(678) 521-5068

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