Sports Shed

Sports Shed

Delivering Sports Gear
To Organizations In Need

The Sports Shed provides quality sports gear and resources to schools and organizations that lack the funding to provide safe and successful sports programs. We serve under-resourced schools (public, charter, and private), after-school/summer programs, sports leagues, park districts, and more. With youth sports on the decline in urban areas due to the high cost of uniforms, footwear, and equipment – and with urban students who are not involved in extracurricular activities more likely to drop out of school, use drugs, or get arrested – The Sports Shed aims to provide positive alternatives to gangs and violence through organized sports. Tina Sernett founded The Sports Shed in honor of her sports-loving father, who taught her the value of sports, the passion to practice, and the life-changing benefits to young people who engage in sports and physical fitness.


Chicago, Illinois






(773) 360-1825

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