13thirty Cancer Connect

13thirty Cancer Connect

Empowering And Connecting Young Adults With Cancer

The mission of 13thirty Cancer Connect is to help adolescents and young adults (AYAs) impacted by cancer live their very best lives – today! Founded after the death of 18-year-old Melissa Sengbusch in 2001, 13thirty Cancer Connect bridges the gap for AYAs with cancer, ages 13-30, who often get caught in the middle of pediatric and adult medicine. We provide essential peer support programs for AYAs with cancer, both virtually and in-person, in order to meet their unique needs and connect them with others who "get it." With a strong focus on fitness and nutrition, expressive arts and meaningful social interaction, we are making a difference for AYAs with cancer by diminishing isolation, enhancing quality of life, and heightening awareness for this underserved population of cancer patients.


Rochester, New York







(585) 563-6221

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