Jonny Imerman,
Co-Founder/Head of Enthusiasm,

At 26 years old, Jonny was diagnosed with advanced cancer. He went through two years of chemo and surgeries. The group of young survivors he met at the hospital during that time were so grateful for their respective recoveries, they felt they wanted to give back.

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In 2005, Imerman Angels was born, a nonprofit one-to-one peer mentor program which pairs a person fighting cancer with someone who has survived that same cancer.

Today, Imerman Angels has partnered over 50,000 cancer patients with mentors for support. The network of over 13,000 trained, volunteer cancer survivors are on call in every state and in over 100 countries.


Jeff Imerman,
Co-Founder/Head of Everything Else,

Jonny’s brother Jeff, an attorney and entrepreneur, was so fired up about Imerman Angels’ mission, he chose to leave the legal world to help spread the word.

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Sparking Conversations

Something immediately stood out to Jonny and Jeff as the organization began gaining momentum: the power of their Imerman Angels logo-ed T-shirts to ignite the message virally.

The T-shirts were built-in conversation starters. The brothers were learning first-hand that when someone asks you about your T-shirt, conversations are sparked and connections happen. Imerman Angels’ mission spread as a result, as did its impact.

That’s where the idea for CLOZTALK came from.


Inspired by the learning from Imerman Angels, Jonny and Jeff decided to start CLOZTALK, a new kind of apparel company – one that would be 100% dedicated to generating awareness, sparking conversations, and bringing people together over the multitude of important charities and causes that are making a difference in the world.

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