Adams Street Foundation

Adams Street Foundation

College And Career Support For High School Students At Urban Assembly School For Law And Justice

The Adams Street Foundation (ASF) funds and implements high-quality, individualized programs for students at the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice (SLJ). A small, law-themed, non-charter public high school located in downtown Brooklyn, SLJ teaches an understanding of law and social justice so that students graduate ready to succeed in college and effect change in society. As the nonprofit affiliate of the school, ASF serves its students – the majority of whom live near or below the poverty line and will be the first in their family to go to college – by integrating college and career preparation programs into the school’s curriculum. Core components of this work include SAT prep, college tours, financial aid counseling, essay feedback, mentoring, study abroad opportunities, internships, networking with seasoned professionals, after-school learning academies, career site visits, and coaching through the early admissions process. The school serves approximately 460 students from across Brooklyn as well as elsewhere in New York City.


Brooklyn, New York






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