Bag It

Bag It

Valuable Cancer Resources To Empower Patients And Caregivers

Our mission at Bag It is to empower cancer patients and their caregivers to be more involved in their care, advocate for themselves, and learn to cope with the challenges associated with diagnosis and treatment. Through other nonprofit organizations, medical providers, and our website, we distribute our Bag It bags to cancer patients, families, and caregivers. The bags are filled with national publications, patient education materials, and meaningful resources. From nutrition to communication to caregiver care, each Bag It bag contains a wealth of information. After understanding the importance of reliable information and the power of self-advocacy through her own cancer journey, Sherri Romanoski founded Bag It to help other cancer patients become informed and empowered self-advocates. Since its founding, Bag It has provided more than 80,000 bags to cancer patients and their families.


Tucson, Arizona


United States




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