Ballers & Bookworms

Ballers & Bookworms

Free Athletic Training, Academic Support, And Financial Assistance For Student-Athletes In Underserved Communities

The mission of Ballers & Bookworms is to eliminate inequalities within interscholastic sports by providing free athletic training, academic support, and financial assistance to student-athletes in underserved communities. Our athletic training includes sport-specific programs, nutrition, strength and conditioning, and recruitment process guidance. Our academic support includes individual tutoring, test prep materials, and college search counseling. Our financial assistance includes participation fees, sports equipment, travel costs, tournaments and camps, SAT and AP registration, and school supplies. After years of discussions about the inequities in athletics and academics, cousins Tyler Kazio (former junior college football coach) and Julian Viera (high school valedictorian and MIT graduate) founded Ballers & Bookworms so that all student-athletes could have the resources they need to thrive on the field, in the classroom, and anywhere their life takes them. As we say, “level the playing field.”


Wall, New Jersey






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