Bernie’s Book Bank

Bernie’s Book Bank

Providing Quality Books To Under-Served Chicagoland Children

Bernie's Book Bank sources, processes, and distributes free, quality books to empower under-served children to read their way to a better life. Since 2009, Bernie's Book Bank has distributed more than 19 million free books to Chicagoland children ages birth through sixth grade. Every child receives 12 age-appropriate, high-interest, culturally relevant books every year, for 12 years. Each book is sourced, processed, and distributed for less than 99 cents. In 2019, Bernie's Book Bank distributed 3.3 million books to 275,000 children. Brian Floriani founded Bernie’s Book Bank in honor of his late father, who was a lifelong believer that reading is the single most important skill a child needs in order to contribute and function in society.


Lake Bluff, Illinois






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