Book Fairies

Book Fairies

Sourcing And Redistributing New And Gently Used Books To Children In Under-Resourced Communities

Book Fairies sources and redistributes books to under-resourced communities across Long Island, New York City, and the world to provide equitable opportunities for children to learn, grow, and thrive. We gather new and gently used books and place them into the hands of eager children to create a culture of literacy and nurture a love of reading. We understand literacy shapes all aspects of our lives, and books have the power to lift at-risk children out of poverty. We collaborate with and distribute our books to educators and nonprofit organizations, such as schools, homeless shelters, foster care agencies, pediatric offices, after-school programs, and soup kitchens. Any books that are not useful here are donated to our overseas partners that are building libraries in developing countries, such as Zimbabwe, Kenya, Somalia, and more. Since its founding, Book Fairies has distributed more than four million books.


Freeport, New York






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