Brilliant Minds Collective

Brilliant Minds Collective

Culturally Centered Think Tank Focusing On Economic Growth, Education, And Health To Improve Black Lives

A culturally centered think tank focused on economic growth, education, urban policy, legal reform, race, and global community engagement, Brilliant Minds Collective influences and advocates for significant changes that impact marginalized communities economically, politically, culturally, and environmentally. Our membership-based organization is driven by a powerful combination of degreed intelligence and decades of lived and worked experience across the business, entertainment, media, healthcare, and political sectors. We bring together thought leaders, develop research, and create solutions to better inform policymakers, educators, and companies as they look to improve and create parity for Black lives. Our programs and partnerships with corporations, governments, and colleges include internships, ambassador programs, and other events to raise awareness and goodwill that serve Black people. We also organize programs, events, conference calls, and podcasts in which global leaders, business executives, and prominent thinkers discuss pressing international and domestic issues.


New York, New York






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