Camp Casey

Camp Casey

Free Horseback Riding Programs For Children With Cancer, Sickle Cell Disease, And Other Life-Threatening Illnesses

Camp Casey is a nonprofit organization that provides free horseback riding programs for children with cancer, sickle cell disease, and other life-threatening illnesses in Michigan. An entirely mobile organization, Camp Casey delivers happiness on horseback through four programs: Horsey House Calls, Cowboy Camp Outs, Lone Star Getaways, and Outlaw Outings. Our signature program, Horsey House Calls, surprises sick children with a knock on their door and a horse at their home for an afternoon of fun, camp-related activities to enjoy with their family and friends. Camp Casey was founded to honor the memory of Casey Foote, a young girl who found strength and joy from horses while undergoing cancer treatment. Camp Casey spreads the same healing power of horses to more than 1600 participants annually in Michigan.


Farmington Hills, Michigan






(877) 388-8315

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