Center For Enriched Living

Center For Enriched Living

Social Enrichment, Continued Learning, And Meaningful Employment For People With Developmental Disabilities

The Center for Enriched Living (CEL) exists so that people with developmental disabilities can be fully included in the community, achieve personal success, and enjoy a good quality of life. CEL provides a wide variety of social, recreational, and educational enrichment programs that are available seven days a week for people of all abilities, from teens to seniors. Activities include: bowling, mini-golf, pizza parties, summer camps, open mic events, yoga, movie nights, vacations, music in the park, arts nights, and more. CEL also works with individuals with developmental disabilities and community partners to provide paid, meaningful employment. Began in 1968 after two mothers approached a social worker at a local community center to ask for help in finding after-school programs for their children with developmental disabilities, CEL now serves more than 450 people annually throughout the Chicago area in a spacious, Universally Designed, 20,000-square-foot facility that includes a gymnasium, art room, teaching kitchen, technology hub, and accessible garden.


Riverwoods, Illinois






(847) 948-7001

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