Chicago Coalition For Family Building

Chicago Coalition For Family Building

Providing Financial Assistance Grants For Fertility Treatments, Adoption, And Surrogacy

The mission of Chicago Coalition For Family Building is to remove financial barriers that prevent creation of a family. One in eight couples struggle to conceive for reasons ranging from infertility to failure or absence of reproductive organs to diseases like cancer. We financially and emotionally support those struggling with infertility by providing fully funded IVF cycles, financial grants for surrogacy and adoption, pre-implantation genetic testing to prevent the transmission of genetic diseases, promotion of LGBTQ+ family building, and educational resources for those with questions about infertility and coverage. Founded on the belief that everyone who wants to build a family deserves the chance, this completely volunteer-led organization of medical professionals has awarded more than $1.2 million in grants and helped with 57 live births.


Chicago, Illinois






(312) 926-8244

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