Chicago Refugee Coalition

Chicago Refugee Coalition

Providing Food, Clothing, And Essential Support To Chicagoland Refugees

The Chicago Refugee Coalition (CRC) is dedicated to innovative, dignity-driven, and community-led relief services for Chicagoland refugees. CRC partners with corporations, agencies, local businesses, and government stakeholders to foster independence, creativity, and opportunity. CRC employs a holistic approach to meet refugees’ basic and immediate needs through its weekly Food Banking Program and Refugee Resource Center. With the assistance of corporate partnerships, CRC addresses food scarcity and Chicago’s food deserts where it has provided Chicagoland refugees with more than 100,000 meals, 20,000 socks, and 10,000 items of winter wear since its founding in 2018. CRC distributes annually over $400,000 in in-kind clothing and household items for Chicago’s refugees.


Chicago, Illinois






(407) 949-8568

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