Colon Cancer Foundation

Colon Cancer Foundation

Fighting Colorectal Cancer Through Research, Public Awareness, Education, And Strategic Partnerships

The mission of the Colon Cancer Foundation (CCF) is to reduce colorectal cancer and related deaths by supporting research, increasing public awareness and education, and collaborating with strategic partners in the fight against this preventable yet often fatal disease. CCF funds scientific research targeting prevention, therapy, and eradication of colorectal cancer. Through educational exhibits, online resources, and cancer summits, CCF raises public awareness about the screening, detection, and treatment of colorectal cancer. CCF also advocates for equal access and quality of treatment for underserved and uninsured communities. Surgical oncologist Thomas Weber founded CCF to increase public awareness and expand scientific research into the causes and cures of the nation’s second deadliest form of cancer.


Port Chester, New York


United States




(914) 305-6674

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