Cookies For Kids’ Cancer

Cookies For Kids’ Cancer

Funding Pediatric Cancer Research

Cookies For Kids’ Cancer raises funds for scientific research to develop new, improved, and less toxic treatments for pediatric cancer. We provide inspiration and support for individuals, businesses, and organizations to raise funds by hosting grassroots events and other fundraising opportunities. Inspired by their son’s battle with stage IV cancer, Gretchen and Larry Witt held what they thought would be a one-time bake sale to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer; the massive bake-a-thon raised more than $420,000 for research and became the genesis for Cookies For Kids’ Cancer. Today, the organization has held over 13,000 events, funded more than $17 million in research grants, and led to 25 new treatments that are now available to children fighting cancer.


Califon, New Jersey


United States




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