December 5th Fund

December 5th Fund

Providing An Amazing Day Without Worry For Families Whose Loved One Is Afflicted With Cancer

The December 5th Fund’s mission is to give a day without worry to families who have a loved one afflicted with cancer and currently undergoing active cancer treatment. While the family is out enjoying their day, our volunteers are back at their house tackling household chores. When the family returns, it is to a home of hope and love, not a to-do list. Thomas Wiley founded The December 5th Fund based on his experiences while caring for his late wife, who bravely battled cancer for two years before passing away. With declining health and increasing pain, she stayed in bed most days. However, on December 5, 2015, Laura woke up pain-free, and they were blessed with an amazing day as a family and forged precious memories that they still carry with them to this day. The December 5th Fund gives such a day to other families in the same situation while also providing them with the much-needed support at home so they can focus on their loved one.


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