Detroit CHEMpreneurIST

Detroit CHEMpreneurIST

Empowering Students Through Personal Care Chemistry And Entrepreneurship Workshops

Detroit CHEMpreneurIST exposes students to personal care chemistry and entrepreneurship through after-school and summer programs. Our workshops teach students how to link different life skills to future opportunities and careers in STEEAM fields (science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, art, and mathematics). Our personal care chemistry lessons focus on developing and formulating personal care and cosmetic products, by giving students the chance to experiment with product ideas and create unique formulations. Our entrepreneurship lessons focus on the process of starting and developing a company, by allowing students to explore market research, prototype products or ideas, generate a business model, and practice pitching their ventures to stakeholders and investors. Founded by a professional educator and a creative chemist, Detroit CHEMpreneurIST has served hundreds of students and aims to diversify and increase minority presence in STEEAM jobs.


Detroit, Michigan


United States




(313) 536-0714

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