Ele's Place

Ele's Place

Peer Support For Grieving Children and Teens After The Death Of A Loved One

Ele's Place is a healing center for grieving children and teens (ages 3-18) after the death of a parent, sibling or someone else close to them. Our vision is that no child grieves alone. Each week, hundreds of grieving children and teens find a warm and welcoming place to meet new friends who really understand how they feel in age-appropriate, peer-support group programs. Art and play-based activities help our children and teens identify their feelings and gain coping skills that will last a lifetime. Following the death of their daughter, Betsy and Woody Stover saw that their three children were grieving the death of their sister in a different way than they were as adults. After much grief research, they determined that peer support – from kids who had experienced the death of someone close to them – was the best way for their children to learn to cope with their feelings of grief, sadness, anger, and loss. Since that time, Ele’s Place has served more than 30,000 children across Michigan.


Lansing, Michigan







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