Ellie Fund

Ellie Fund

Providing Essential Support Services For Breast Cancer Patients In Treatment

Ellie Fund provides essential support services to breast cancer patients to ease the stresses of everyday life, allowing the focus to be on family, recovery, and healing. Our assistance with groceries, healthy delivered meals, transportation to medical appointments, childcare, housekeeping, and integrative therapy services, free of charge, helps to relieve burdens on patients and families while in treatment. Our unconditional support can be accessed without proving financial need, citizenship, or residency, and services can be delivered within 24 hours. Ellie Fund supports any breast cancer patient receiving treatment in Massachusetts. Jeff and Eliot Popkin founded the nonprofit in memory of their mother (Eleanor “Ellie” Popkin), who passed away at 49 years old after a more than 15-year battle with breast cancer. Ellie’s Fund is a continuation of their mother’s charitable spirit and a way to give back to other families who are going through the same daily challenges that they did.


Needham, Massachusetts







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