Promoting Wellness And Enriching Lives Through The Power Of Healthy Food And Human Connection

At FEAST, we believe that a healthy life has three main ingredients: whole foods, whole people, and whole communities. FEAST was created to help families struggling with the effects of living in a broken food system to live healthier, more nourishing lives. Working in schools, community centers, and hospitals, FEAST serves parents or heads of households through our comprehensive sixteen-week wellness program that combines Food Education, Access to healthy foods, and group Support, Together (FEAST). At our weekly meetings, participants learn skills to help them navigate a challenging food environment in a healthy manner and also have the opportunity to share about their personal struggles and successes along their journey towards health. Founded to address the health disparities affecting families across the United States, FEAST is a holistic program combining practical skills like nutrition education and healthy cooking with a support-group structure that builds deep bonds of friendship and social connection.


Los Angeles, California


United States





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