Materials For The Arts

Materials For The Arts

Providing Free Materials To NYC Arts Nonprofits, City Agencies, And Schools To Promote Creative Reuse

A program of New York City’s Department of Cultural Affairs, Materials For The Arts (MFTA) is the city’s largest creative reuse center dedicated to providing nonprofit organizations with valuable items, free of charge, while diverting them from landfills. MFTA accepts unwanted items from individuals and businesses and then gives those items to nonprofits and schools with ongoing arts programs. Whether it is by visiting our warehouse for free arts materials, taking a workshop, or attending a gallery opening, we strive to engage with and educate the public on the value and importance of creative reuse. Friends Of Materials For The Arts was created to enrich the mission of MFTA by providing financial support for MFTA’s operations and educational programming.


Long Island City, New York






(718) 729-3001

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