Good Tidings Foundation

Good Tidings Foundation

Supporting Marginalized Youth In Northern California And Beyond Through Athletics, Art, Education, And Wonder

Good Tidings Foundation encourages and supports the growth of marginalized youth in Northern California and beyond by creating environments for athletics, artistic activities, education, and wonder. In partnership with professional sports teams, pro athletes, industry icons, and other leaders, our charity has built more than 200 athletic courts, art studios, music studios, dance rooms, teen rooms, makerspace rooms, and more. We have awarded over $1.6 million in education scholarships and donated over 55,000 toys to low-income families and youth during the holidays. Founded by former baseball scout Larry Harper, Good Tidings is based on the belief that every child deserves the means to achieve their dreams regardless of financial status, ethnic origin, religion, or region of living.


Burlingame, California






(800) 824-7366

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