Personal, Academic, And Career Opportunities For Underserved Youth And Their Families

GOODProjects is a community-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to “Giving Out Opportunities Daily” to underserved youth and their families to help them live fulfilling lives free from poverty and violence and with improvements in health and wellness. We meet our youth and families where they are and work with them to progress through an individualized success plan. We provide workforce development training, one-on-one mentorship, academic tutoring, social impact entrepreneurship training, athletic development, social-emotional learning, experiences in nature, college preparation, and basic needs like food and access to government services. From working with formerly incarcerated youth to offering summer camps to serving thousands of bagged lunches to the homeless, GOODProjects has provided services to more than 1,000 youth and families and helped increase the quality of life in our Washington, D.C. community.


Washington D.C.


United States




(202) 262-3919

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