Greenhouse Scholars

Greenhouse Scholars

Empowering Future Changemakers In Low-Resource Communities Through Education, Career Mentorship, And Life Resources

Greenhouse Scholars is a diverse community of leaders working together to ensure people of all backgrounds can live a life of their choosing. We are focused on sustainable, generational community change by supporting future changemakers from low-resource communities as they not only navigate college, but through graduate school, their early careers, and beyond. We accomplish this through mentorship, internships, professional networking, leadership symposiums, online resources, career fairs, one-on-one coaching, financial support, and more. We are creating results through the transformative power of higher education, by working with the most inspiring role models and launching hundreds of new companies, nonprofits, and projects. By producing the biggest “tent” possible alongside our volunteers, donors, corporate partners, and Young Leaders and Scholars, we are truly the community transforming communities.


Boulder, Colorado


United States




(720) 449-7444

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