Guitars Over Guns Organization

Guitars Over Guns Organization

Arts-Based Mentorship And Youth Development

Guitars Over Guns Organization (GOGO) offers students from Miami and Chicago's most vulnerable communities a powerful combination of music education and mentorship with professional musicians to help them overcome hardship, find their voice, and reach their potential as leaders. Students in GOGO programs learn to read and write contemporary music, play instruments, and demonstrate skills on stage, in the recording studio, and in life. We believe the skills, talents, and lessons that students acquire while learning to make music – including teamwork, leadership, self-confidence, discipline, diplomacy, accountability, patience, self-esteem, courage, and empathy – can translate into other important areas of their lives and motivate them to make positive decisions in the classroom, at home, and in their communities. Nearly 90% of GOGO students improve their school attendance, academic performance, overall conduct, and decision-making skills. Originally founded as an informal music mentoring project in 2009 by Dr. Chad Bernstein, GOGO now offers no-cost music instruction, mentorship, and academic support at 24 school and community sites between Miami and Chicago and has served more than 4,000 students.


Miami, Florida


United States




(908) 489-2752

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