Heart House

Heart House

Innovative After-School And Summer Programs For Refugee Children Living In Dallas

Heart House is a nonprofit organization that uses innovative after-school and summer educational programs to combat poverty and promote equity for refugee children living in Dallas. Refugee children face the challenge of resettlement in a new country while simultaneously working to overcome poverty, trauma recovery, and barriers to academic success. Heart House uses social-emotional learning to increase academic performance, improve mental health, and establish a pathway for success for each child – in school and in life. Heart House serves as a safe place for homework assistance, mentoring, counseling, and protection from negative influences. These life-changing services are annually provided to 240 students, in kindergarten to eighth grade, who live in the Vickery Meadow community of Dallas, a high-poverty area in which around 50 different languages are spoken.


Dallas, Texas






(972) 591-3651

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