DreamCatchers Foundation

DreamCatchers Foundation

Fulfilling Hospice Patients’ End-Of-Life Dreams While Bridging Generational Gaps

Hospice DreamCatchers Foundation (“DreamCatchers”) is dedicated to fulfilling the end-of-life dreams of hospice and palliative care patients in their communities. Our network of high school and college student chapters work with local hospices to provide a memorable experience or event to celebrate the hospice patient and his/her life. DreamCatchers has arranged for sailboat rides, family reunions, birthday parties, gourmet dinners, makeovers, and many more fulfilled dreams. We emphasize intergenerational connection between the students and the typically elderly hospice patients, so all can learn and grow. Inspired by her family history and collection of Native American dreamcatchers – artistic woven hoops that hang near one’s bed to catch dreams – 15-year-old Caitlin Crommett founded DreamCatchers to bring dreams into reality for those often cast aside. With over 500 volunteers, DreamCatchers has fulfilled more than 200 dreams through its more than 50 student chapters in over 15 states.


Scottsdale, Arizona


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