Humanity Rising

Humanity Rising

A Student-Led Movement To Create A Better World Through Service

The mission of Humanity Rising is to build the next generation of leaders and social innovators. We help students discover the passion for service that lies within them, amplify their voices to inspire their peers to service, and recognize and celebrate their service with college scholarship awards. Service creates empathy, compassion, self-esteem, greater human connection, and a shared sense of responsibility for one another. One of our signature programs is the Anti-Bullying Leadership Challenge, which empowers youth to become advocates and allies to help end bullying. Our Spiritual Empowerment Circles provide a space for students to discuss human virtues, world religions, and cultural similarities and differences. Humanity Rising leaders are passionate about creating a better world in their schools and communities. To date, more than 30,000 young changemakers across the country have joined the Humanity Rising Movement!


Chicago, Illinois


United States




(847) 846-7615

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