Jenna Kast Believe In Miracles Foundation

Jenna Kast Believe In Miracles Foundation

Granting Wishes For Michigan Kids With Life-Threatening Illness

The mission of The Jenna Kast Believe In Miracles Foundation is to enrich the lives of Michigan children suffering from life-threatening medical conditions by buying gifts and bringing joy and hope to their lives. The organization grants about fifty wishes per year, including swing sets, trips, concerts, shopping sprees, etc. Along with each gift, children receive a personalized trophy to acknowledge their courageous fight. Jenna Kast was a very happy and active girl who sadly died of brain cancer at 11 years old. Her brother and his good friend founded the grassroots nonprofit to help other children in Jenna’s situation and as a lasting legacy to Jenna’s spirit, sense of fun, and message of faith and hope.


Troy, Michigan






(248) 633-5109

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