Juvenile Protective Association

Juvenile Protective Association

Community-Based Mental Health Care For Children, Caregivers, And Educators

The mission of Juvenile Protective Association (JPA) is to improve the social and emotional well-being and functioning of vulnerable children so they can reach their full potential at home, in school, and in our communities. Every year, JPA impacts more than 1,500 children by providing school-based therapeutic services to kids and building relationships with their teachers and families to better support them in times of stress and trauma. Almost all of the children served live in under-resourced neighborhoods on the south and west sides of Chicago and have experienced at least one trauma in their lifetimes, including violence, abuse, poverty, or neglect. Founded by Jane Addams at the turn of the twentieth century, JPA’s vision is that vulnerable children and families in Chicago’s most underserved neighborhoods will have access to the highest quality mental health services.


Chicago, Illinois







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