Lawndale Christian Legal Center

Lawndale Christian Legal Center

Community-Based, Holistic Legal Services For Juveniles And Emerging Adults

Lawndale Christian Legal Center (LCLC) is a nonprofit working to ensure juveniles and emerging adults receive the criminal legal defense and social services they need in their own community. We provide zealous, holistic, criminal defense, free of charge, exclusively to youth (ages 24 and younger) who live in North Lawndale. Every one of our young clients can rely on a dedicated case manager who coordinates a wrap-around support team of legal, social, psychological, and job training professionals. This proven, on-the-ground program is our way of walking young people through, then away from, the criminal justice system. Founded by Cliff Nellis and the Lawndale Christian Community Church in response to community members’ needs for competent and affordable legal services, LCLC provides the resources, training, mentorship, and positive options that are key to interrupting the arrest/incarcerate/release/repeat cycle.


Chicago, Illinois







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