Leslie's Week

Leslie's Week

Vacations Away From Cancer For Stage 4 Breast Cancer Women And Their Families

Leslie's Week provides one-week vacations away from cancer to Stage 4 Breast Cancer women and their families, so they can make memories of fun and happiness that outlast cancer. The nonprofit organization also provides educational grants to children of Leslie's Week women who have succumbed to their cancer. Leslie's Week was founded in honor of Leslie Twohig, who passed away from breast cancer – leaving behind two sons, two granddaughters, and a husband – but never lost her gallant determination to smile through incredible pain and to enjoy life despite a terminal diagnosis. Leslie's Week began with one family on one vacation and has since provided vacations to more than 85 Stage 4 Breast Cancer women and their families, or more than 500+ individuals.


Arnold, Maryland


United States





(410) 263-5598

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