Live Like Roo Foundation

Live Like Roo Foundation

Assisting Animals And Their Owners Through A Pet’s Cancer Diagnosis

The Live Like Roo Foundation is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization that supports animals and their owners through a pet’s cancer diagnosis by providing financial and emotional assistance. Roosevelt – or “Roo” – was rescued from a Chicago animal shelter and soon after was diagnosed with bone cancer. We created a bucket list of adventures, treats and fun activities for him, and for the next six months, Roo lived like there was no tomorrow! We now help other pets with cancer to do the same. The Live Like Roo Foundation sends Roo Cancer Care Packages to lift the spirits of the animal and the human. The care packages include some of Roo’s favorite items, such as a handmade blanket, a gift card for ice cream, treats, a collar, toys, and much more. We also provide financial assistance for medical procedures like biopsies, chemo, etc. Our mission is that the pet and pet owner together will #LiveLikeRoo.


Chicago, Illinois





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