Lorenzo’s House

Lorenzo’s House

Empowering Young People And Their Families Living With Younger-Onset Dementia

Lorenzo’s House empowers young people and their families living with younger-onset dementia through an array of holistic support programs that shifts the narrative from isolation to connection, stigma to strength, and darkness to light. A virtual organization, Lorenzo's House connects people with similar experiences so they can feel understood, share common stories, exchange resources, and build an alliance. The nonprofit also hosts an in-person, interactive experience in Chicago where music and expression build connection and joy. In addition, Lorenzo's House advocates to reduce stigma surrounding younger-onset dementia. After her husband was diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s, Diana Shulla-Cose quickly learned about the big gap in the memory care space. She founded Lorenzo's House to make meaning of this dark and isolating diagnosis by creating a place that builds community, delivers on innovation, and brings light to families navigating younger-onset dementia.


Chicago, Illinois







(773) 636-9192

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