Lorenzo’s House

Lorenzo’s House

Support Services That Empower Families Living With Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s

At Lorenzo’s House, we empower families living with younger-onset Alzheimer’s through an array of holistic support to ensure we walk this journey united, never alone. Our “Lorenzo's Angels” program is a carepartner-to-carepartner mentor model which offers a one-on-one connection, either in person or virtually, with someone who is walking a similar journey. Our “Youth Initiatives” will provide young carepartners the support they need to process their experience and build an alliance. Our “Healing Spaces” will provide carepartners a place for respite, healing, and wellness. Lastly, our “Memory Academy” will provide a personalized, innovative, and experiential alternative to traditional adult day care. After her husband was diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s, Diana Shulla-Cose quickly learned about the big gap in the memory care space and decided to make meaning of this dark and isolating diagnosis by creating a place that builds community, delivers on innovation, and brings light to families navigating Alzheimer’s.


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