Make GVL Greener

Make GVL Greener

Sustainability And Environmental Justice Through Educational Workshops, Litter Cleanups, And Business Solutions

Make GVL Greener is a grassroots organization focused on fostering a healthy and green urban community in Greenville, South Carolina. We work along with the local community to create and maintain sustainable projects that enhance green living, ensure equal access to green spaces and solutions for underserved communities, and facilitate growth of responsible small businesses. Our educational workshops and monthly litter cleanup days help the community to learn about sustainable practices and efforts that they can do at home and in their neighborhood. We also help local companies to establish comprehensive green solutions and obtain green certifications like zero waste. By addressing climate justice and social equity, we seek to create a cleaner, healthier community with happy people and thriving businesses.


Greenville, South Carolina






(864) 331-9216

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