Muslim American Leadership Alliance

Muslim American Leadership Alliance

Promoting And Celebrating Individual Freedom, Diversity, And Muslim American Heritage

The Muslim American Leadership Alliance (MALA) is dedicated to leadership through integrity, and as such, provides a platform for people to share their individual stories and to speak for themselves. Our premier civic engagement project – “Muslim American Journeys” – is an opportunity for Muslim Americans to share their own unique stories. Produced in partnership with National Public Radio and the Library of Congress, “Journeys” aims to document oral history, inspire pride, celebrate individuality, and enhance understanding of the diversity of Muslim Americans. Other MALA campaigns aim to unite Americans of all backgrounds to advance constructive solutions to extremism and human rights abuses. Literally and metaphorically, we link arms with fellow Americans to stand up for basic human rights for freedom. Finally, we mentor and empower emerging young leaders. Beyond giving them a platform to tell their stories, MALA runs leadership training workshops. Open to choice and creed, MALA embraces free expression, gender equality, and pluralism as cherished universal ideals.


Chicago, Illinois


United States




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