No Shame On U

No Shame On U

Mental Health Support And Awareness

No Shame On U (NSOU) is dedicated to breaking the stigma associated with mental health so the people who need the help will seek it, family members and friends will know how to provide proper support, and lives will be saved. NSOU provides mental health education resources and support within the Jewish community and beyond. Known for its inclusive, consistent, and responsive programming for people of all ages and backgrounds, NSOU positively reshapes attitudes toward mental health struggles. NSOU helps communities devise strategies and create guidelines that break down barriers and normalize the conversation around mental health, and in so doing, NSOU decreases the stigma related to mental health issues within the communities it serves. NSOU also addresses gaps in mental health support services and extends its impact through key partnerships with local and national organizations.


Chicago, Illinois






(877) 275-7261

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