Options For Youth

Options For Youth

Mentoring And Training For First-Time Adolescent Mothers And Adolescent Males

Options For Youth helps first-time adolescent mothers and adolescent male students living in distressed neighborhoods to make healthy lifestyle choices, become self-sufficient, and maximize their potential. Our Subsequent Pregnancy Program helps first-time adolescent mothers become self-sufficient before deciding to have another child. Our Options Program provides training and individual support to pregnant or parenting high school students to ensure graduation and positive parenting skills. Our “What’s Up With Manhood Program” helps young men to think critically about “what it means to be a man” in their community. In response to a 1980s study showing that a rapid second birth significantly increased school dropout and long-term welfare dependency for adolescent mothers, Options For Youth was founded to improve this issue – later expanding to include young men – and maximize the potential of every young person involved.


Chicago, Illinois







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