Patient Advocate Foundation

Patient Advocate Foundation

Financial Aid And Services To Patients Facing Life-Threatening Disease

Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) provides professional case management services to Americans with chronic, life threatening, and debilitating illnesses. Our mission is to safeguard patients through effective mediation to assure access to care, maintenance of employment, and preservation of financial stability. PAF case managers seek to mitigate the negative effects of out-of-pocket healthcare and cost-of-living expenses on patients and their families by facilitating access to safety net programs, negotiating resolutions to medical debt, and educating individuals on relevant resources. PAF professionals directly intervene on behalf of more than tens of thousands of patients annually, enabling them to access prescribed healthcare services and medications, overcome insurance barriers, locate resources to support cost-of-living expenses while in treatment, evaluate and maintain health insurance coverage, and better manage, or reduce, the out-of-pocket medical debt associated with an illness. PAF also reaches into rural and underserved communities across the country to lead patient-centered, national dialogues about health system change.


Hampton, Virginia


United States




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