PennPAC Pro Bono Alumni Consulting

PennPAC Pro Bono Alumni Consulting

Pro Bono Strategic Consulting To Help Nonprofits Thrive

PennPAC Pro Bono Alumni Consulting (PennPAC) brings together University of Pennsylvania alumni-volunteers as pro bono consultants to assist nonprofit organizations to address their strategic business challenges. PennPAC enables nonprofits to receive an outside perspective, access skill sets that may not exist within their organizations, complete strategic projects beyond day-to-day operations, and/or relieve strain on internal resources. To date, PennPAC has mobilized over 1000 alumni-volunteers and provided more than 30,000 hours of consulting service – valued at over $6 million – to more than 125 nonprofits through customized engagements including redesigning organizational infrastructures, reimagining marketing and fundraising approaches, and redefining pricing models. PennPAC operates in New York City, Philadelphia, and the San Francisco area.


New York, NY


United States




(347) 509-8333

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