Pivot Nonprofit Consulting

Pivot Nonprofit Consulting

Pro Bono Consulting for Nonprofits

Pivot Nonprofit Consulting (“Pivot”) is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, pro-bono consulting firm composed of passionate professionals dedicated to creating impact for nonprofits seeking to advance their missions. Comprised of young professionals from the consulting, banking, and nonprofit industries, we integrate the best practices of successful for-profit corporations while tailoring solutions to the mission-driven needs of successful 501(c)(3) organizations. Our core focus areas are strategy development, board retreats, marketing strategy, fundraising, finance planning, and related issues. We work with local, small- to medium-size nonprofit organizations that require thought partners on new strategic initiatives, optimization of existing capabilities, and growth channels. To date, we have logged 9,000+ cumulative hours worked, $2 million cumulative value of work, 40+ volunteer consultants, and 90% client satisfaction rating. Pivot is staffed and run by volunteers, and its services are 100% free to nonprofits.


Chicago, Illinois


United States





(224) 639-9998

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