Repurpose Wardrobe

Repurpose Wardrobe

Resale Of Luxury Clothing To Support Sustainability And Women Empowerment

Repurpose Wardrobe uses the resale of luxury clothing to raise funds and develop programs to support the health and well-being of women and families, empower women through mentorship and workforce opportunities, and provide conscious-minded communities the chance to contribute to a more sustainable world. We bring together individuals and brands that donate new and gently used luxury clothing for resale. We then sell the items, and the net proceeds fund grants that we give to charities focused on women and children. In addition to the grants, we also provide workforce development through mentoring, training, and jobs. Since its founding, Repurpose Wardrobe has greatly contributed to the circular economy by repurposing thousands of items of clothing and raising more than $100,000 dollars for charities.


New York, New York


United States




(516) 986-7767

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