Rethink Food

Rethink Food

Creating A More Sustainable And Equitable Food System

Rethink Food’s mission is to create a more sustainable and equitable food system by partnering with restaurants to transform excess food into nutritious and culturally sensitive meals for their communities. We source funding to pay restaurant partners to daily prepare nutritionally dense meals that we then deliver to community-based organizations serving free meals to people in need. Since April of 2020, Rethink Food has distributed more than two million meals with the help of over 90 restaurants and 75 community-based partners to help provide nutritious meals for communities impacted by food insecurity across New York City, Chicago, Nashville, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. We also operate Rethink Cafe in Brooklyn, a donation-based cafe that invites everyone and anyone to enjoy a nutritious meal for a suggested price of five dollars. By creating inventive models to distribute food more equitably, our fellow citizens can better access nourishment, our businesses will be stronger, and our communities will thrive.


New York, NY


United States




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