Ruth’s Refuge

Ruth’s Refuge

Providing Home Furnishings And Essentials To Refugees, Asylees, And Asylum Seekers In New York City

Ruth's Refuge provides furniture and home essentials to refugees, asylees, and asylum seekers rebuilding their lives in New York City. Arriving with rich and varied life experiences but few tangible assets, many recently settled families are unable to furnish their homes and often sleep on the floor as they work to pay off debts, find jobs, and otherwise struggle to make their way in an unfamiliar city. Our goal is to welcome these families by providing them with apartment furnishings and other home essentials in partnership with local resettlement agencies. Our volunteers donate furniture, buy new appliances and linens, load moving trucks, assemble furniture, and bring love and welcome into the homes of newcomers.


Brooklyn, New York






(718) 300-0384

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