Salt And Light Coalition

Salt And Light Coalition

Healing Program and Workforce Development For Survivors Of Trauma And Human Trafficking

The Salt & Light Coalition is a grassroots organization that empowers survivors of trauma, especially human trafficking, to live meaningful and purposeful lives. We provide a six-month, structured, healing curriculum to help women find positive restoration of their identity and relationship to the world around them. Next, we offer yoga teacher training in order to encourage the women to learn effective communication while giving them another avenue to earn money. Lastly, we place the women in internships that often lead to permanent job placement with our partners. Our Reignite Retreat focuses on women who have graduated from our program and further engages them through volunteer-guided workshops about interpersonal relationships, health and wellness, personal and spiritual growth, career and educational goals, finances, and social impact. Our goal is to inspire these survivors and provide them with the tools to thrive in the workplace, in their community, and throughout society.


Chicago, Illinois






(312) 685-2498

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